Certificate of Consent and related FREE Course

Now that you are committed to Owner Building, it will be your responsibility to manage the building process from start to finish.

The FREE course with study guide required to obtain your Certificate of Consent is an invaluable resource to help you understand your responsibilities of being an Owner Builder.

The study guide is in an easy to read format and we suggest you study this guide prior to attempting the course.

It is divided into 4 sections –

  1. Understanding the building process.
    Here you will gain knowledge on the Building Permit process. Building Surveyors role, inspections of your site and using registered trades.
  2. Preparing to build.

Plans, what signage do I need, what documents do I need onsite, will I need protection works? Asbestos, bushfire requirements, 6 star standard!

  1. Obligations when building.
    Site and Worker Safety. White card, complying with building laws especially working with your Building Surveyor.
  2. Insurances & Dispute Resolution.
    You will require Construction & Public Liability Insurance or Site Insurance to protect yourself from theft, fire, water, storm, malicious damage and Public Liability. It is a joint policy. If you are renovating, it is highly advisable to include your existing home as part of the policy.

If you decide to sell in the future, Owner Builder Warranty is required and easily available.

Dispute resolution, communication is the key, keep talking and sign off variations – use contracts.

Now you understand what you need to do, what are your requirements and potential problems to avoid and how to solve them.