Master Owner Building Kit B


For the really serious owner builder– helps put you in control of your project


  • 2 x Specification booklets
  • Site Sign
  • Estimating CD
  • Questions to ask a Trades Person
  • Owner Builder’s Fact Booklet 1 & 2
  • Quality Assurance Checklist or Schedule of Works

Free Bonus Book

  • How to Save Real Money from Owner Building

Free Bonus Reports

  • How to use our Estimating CD to cost your project
  • How much will it cost?
  • Owner Builder Land and Property Selection
  • Securing the Australian Dream

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<h4>For the really serious owner builder– helps put you in control of your project</h4>
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<p><strong>2 x Specification booklets</strong></p>
<p>Record your material and product choices. Every project needs a specification. The “spec” will identify the materials and products required to finish the project and essential when getting sub-contractors to all quote on the same job. The “spec” will keep a record of your choices for basins, toilets, taps, colours, appliances and everything else you decide on.</p>
<p><strong>Site Sign</strong></p>
<p>Mandatory to meet regulatory requirements. Jurisdictions require a site sign identifying key information including the builder and contact details in case of an emergency.</p>
<p><strong>Estimating CD</strong></p>
<p>Keep a handle on the costs. The estimating CD keeps a record of the estimated cost of every item and service involved in the project and has room to record the actual cost against the original estimate. Monitoring the difference keeps you in control of the budget and helps reduce cost blow outs.</p>
<p><strong>Questions to ask a Trades Person</strong></p>
<p>Booklet to outline the criteria for dealing with trade contractors and features critical questions to ask, contract information and quoting advice.</p>
<p><strong>Owner Builder’s Fact Booklet 1&amp;2</strong></p>
<p>Essential owner building information bulletins. The information bulletins cover critical subjects essential to the successful outcome of your project. Buying land, building plans and copyright, contracts, common mistakes, insurances, costing the project, finishing on time and on budget and avoiding conflict are just some of the bulletins available. Essential information before you start any projects.</p>
<p><strong>Quality Assurance Checklist</strong></p>
<p>Complete 20 page Quality Assurance folder including checklists. Get industry best practice! What is a quality job and how do you know the difference? The Quality Assurance folder is set out as a series of checklist for crucial stages of construction and flags where works are not complete.</p>
<p><strong>How does it work?</strong></p>
<p>QA Checklist assists and guides Owner Builder in reviewing key Contractors works against key benchmarks. Quality Assurance Checklist references the Owner Builder Manual for easy to understand, plain English building terms placing the Owner Builder in control.</p>
<p>What are the stages and the checklist outlines –</p>
<li>Concrete Slab</li>
<li>Fascia and Gutter</li>
<li>Plumber Rough In</li>
<li>Sisalation Wrap</li>
<li>Carpenter Lock Up</li>
<li>General Lock Up</li>
<li>Fix Out</li>
<li>Fit Off</li>
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<p><strong>Why do you need it?</strong></p>
<p>It is a lot easier fixing problems during construction than when finished and if you don’t know there is a problem/defect – how can you fix it?</p>
<p>The Quality Assurance Checklist will help you avoid the problem!</p>
<p>With a duplicate copy for Owner Builders and Trades/Contractors, the Quality Assurance Checklist is the ideal reference check list and record for your project prior to payment for works.</p>
<p>Value $250.00</p>
<p><strong>Schedule of Works</strong></p>
<p>Building your own home can be an exhilarating experience.</p>
<p>The Schedule of Works shows you what to expect–and what to watch out for and puts you in control of your project.</p>
<p>This 1000x700mm Project Planner on heavy paper is designed for you to follow and manage your job at a glance.</p>
<li>Cost Overruns</li>
<li>Sensational Quality Management</li>
<li>Savings to Build a Better Quality Home</li>
<li>Complete the Project On Time– Save $‘000s</li>
<li>Safe Work Place and Environment</li>
<p><strong>Schedule of Works–How it Works</strong></p>
<p>The Professional Builders secret to a successful project– The Schedule of Works</p>
<li>Project Planning</li>
<li>Streamlining and scheduling tasks</li>
<li>Scheduling trades and contractors</li>
<li>Estimating, budgeting and expenditure control</li>
<li>High level project overview to manage stages – seamlessly</li>
<li>One comprehensive project management tool</li>
<p>Value $250.00</p>
<p><strong>Free Bonus</strong></p>
<p><strong>How to Save Real Money from Owner Building</strong></p>
<p>THE manual, outlining the A-Z of the process. Essentially a workshop. It walks you through the entire planning and building process. It explains planning issues and how to handle them, helps you get started, discusses safety on the work site, site preparation foundations, framing, roofing, windows, insulation and inspections right through to occupancy certificates and landscaping, it will become your indispensable tool on the job.</p>
<p>Value $49.95</p>
<p><strong>Free Bonus Book</strong></p>
&lt;li>How to Save Real Money from Owner Building</li>
<p><strong>Free Bonus Reports</strong></p>
<li>How to use our Estimating CD to cost your project</li>
<li>How much will it cost?</li>
<li>Owner Builder Land and Property Selection</li>
<li>Securing the Australian Dream</li>

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