Thinking of building your own home, undertaking renovations or building that dream extension? With the right knowledge it’s easy as ABC.

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Owner building could be one of the greatest investments of your time and money that you’ll ever make. That’s why it is important to be properly prepared for the rewarding journey ahead to make the most of your hard earned dollars and resources.
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You may want our 8 module ownerbuilding course, specific to your state.


Being prepared is most important when owner building. Our online course aims to give you the understanding and control of the building process.
The course is divided into 8 modules.

1. Preliminaries
Covers the owner-builder’s statutory requirements

2. Effective cost management
Covers building design, cost management, hiring labour and ordering materials

3. Site Works
Discusses works required on site prior to construction — land survey, building set-out, excavations, drainage, easements, site clearance and planning.

4. Construction starts
Covers installation of the concrete floor slab or concrete strip footings/base brickwork, your concretor and bricklayer, workplace planning prior to erection of timber framing.

5. Wall and roof framing
Explains which materials you need to have on site, and how to support the work of the framing carpenters to structural completion.

6. Lock-up and fit-out
Explains what to look for as the building proceeds to lock-up and then fit-out stage, the work of the bricklayer, the plasterboard contractor, the electrician, plumber, and carpenters.

7. Finish to wet areas
Sealing of bathroom and other wet areas, floor and wall tiling, waterproofing of shower bases and spa plinths, kitchen taps, kitchen appliances, connections to waste outlets.

8. Painting and decorating
Discusses painting and decorating, which is as much a trade, in the right hands, as carpentry and plumbing. Will you do the painting yourself, or hire a professional?

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Owner building could be one of the greatest investments of your time and money that you’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important to be properly prepared for the rewarding journey ahead to make the most of your hard earned dollars and resources.

Options to Build
Are you thinking of building, renovating or extending? Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or a new home what are my options? Should I project manage, use a builder or owner build???

Introduction to Owner Building & Renovating
The easy way to explain this in depth seminar is to say at the end you will know if you are capable of Owner building.
Maximum cost savings and value for money The best quality project for the money invested Adequate control of the project during construction Comprehensive knowledge of the legislative requirements Peace of mind during and after construction The greatest chance of obtaining finance without undue hassles.

Project Management
Getting it right, dealing with tradespeople, deliveries and suppliers it’s all in the project management.
Learn to resolve disputes and conflicts with builders and suppliers Be equipped with the knowledge to project manage your time and tasks.
Effective project management will save you a tone of money, time and headaches on your building / renovating project.

Guide to Renovating
What I need to know when Renovating to save money and increase the value of my home. Renovating is undertaken by tens of thousands of Australians every year- BUT will it achieve the desired result will I come in on budget, have I ever capitalized, am I going to live in the renovation and what effect will that have on my family.. these and more will be answered. So register now!

Land Selection
The right land effects so much of your home, from slope, site orientation to neighbour facilities.
Picking that perfect block.
Using the land to its best.
Knowing how to pick the perfect block will save you a tone of money in the long run, how energy efficient your home will be, site costs and more.

Reading Plans
Knowing how to read plans is essential when it comes to supplies, tradespeople and knowing how things are done right, don’t risk it.
Learn how to understand plans.
Learn how to quantify your project.
The insider knowledge of how to read and understand plans will save you $$$ in getting the right supplies and the right sized items.

Kitchen and Bathroom
From modern to traditional the kitchen will be the heart of your home, getting it right before you speak to your kitchen supplier will save you $$$

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