Planning Kits – The Secret to Successful Owner Building

The Australian Owner-Builders planning kit has been developed to save property owners up to 38% of the cost of their project and help them understand the process of Owner-Building. The old saying ‘those who fail to plan – plan to fail’ has never been more correct, than when it comes to owner builders. The kits will enable you to :

  • Manage your project just like a professional builder without the 25%+ builders’ margin. Identify problematic areas even before they arise saving you $1,000s and keeping your project on track.
  • Make informative decisions- making the right choices, save money and build to quality standards.
  • Safeguard your building project and investment to successful completion.

“The truth is owner-builders can save substantial sums by controlling the project themselves”, says Phil Graf from Australian Owner-Builders. “Saving on a builder’s margin, buying at the right price and following a set program like the Planning Kit we have developed, is saving some new home builders between 25% and 38% of the cost of the project.” If you are looking to build then it is worth getting your hands on the Australian Owner Builders Planning Kit. While owner builders, owner build to save money, those who do not invest upfront in the right tools will lose out in the end. The kit provides all the necessary tools to get started and is available in various configuration to suit the complexity of your project.

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