Why You Should use a Registered Building Practitioner!

So what is a Registered Building Practitioner?

Registered Building Practitioners are tradesmen who are qualified to undertake certain work, eg, electrical, carpenter, bricklayer

The advantages of Owner Builders using Registered building practitioners is that they carry Warranty insurance for the work they do, above $16,000. This is where it is important that you have a written contract with them so that there is no grey areas in the event of a dispute.

A written contract is better than an interpretation of a conversation between you and the tradie.

Secondly, because they have the qualifications approved by the Victorian Building Authority, which is a recognised successful completion of a building course, you have the advantage of using Registered trades.

Thirdly being registered under the Victorian Building Authority, you have a fall back position in the event of a dispute into workmanship for example, that you have an overarching body to contact.

By going through the process of becoming Registered, a lot of study and hours are involved, shows that their tradesmen are committed to the Owner Builder Industry. They want to work for Owner Builders.