Benefits of the White Card

The white card is the result of the nationally recognised training course for the Building Industry put into place by the Occupational Health & Safety legislation.

The white Card is a requirement of Building sites to enhance their safety and is now a requirement for Owner Builder sites in Victoria.

The course teaches Owner Builders, who generally are about to build their first home or extension, knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety laws, hazards & risks common to building sites and how to control those risks.

As an Owner Builder, generally you would be unaware of the safety issues relevant to a building site.

Of course the Owner Builder wants a safe site and now, the Owner Builder has received the appropriate safety training to recognise what is required to ensure a safe working site.

To apply for an Owner Builder Certificate of Consent, you are required to have a ‘White Card’. In Victoria the course is face to face.

We encourage owner Builders to arm themselves with as much knowledge on building, as it will help them save time, hassles and money because now they have an increased understanding of how the Building Industry works.

The last thing an Owner Builder would want is an accident on site where a tradie is seriously injured – because you didn’t know the safety procedures!

Now with the White Card induction training course you now have safety knowledge with the aim of having a SAFE building site for all tradie & suppliers to go about their business.