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There are two categories of builder
An owner can engage the services of a registered builder under contract to construct the project or can take on the responsibility as an owner builder.

Registered builder
Builders entering into an arrangement to build a residential dwelling for an owner must be registered with the relevant authority before being able to go into a building contract.

Builders are statutorily obligated to provide Warranty Insurance to protect the home owner should the builder become insolvent, bankrupt or disappear. All states in the Commonwealth of Australia have individual regulatory bodies and the exact regulations do vary. It is therefore advised to check the regulatory requirements with the relevant authority in your state before entering into a building contract. Information and weblinks are available from the BuildSafe website

Owner Builder
The owner of the land or existing dwelling can take on the task of building themselves. The owner will then become the organiser of trades and take on all of the same statutory requirements as a registered builder.

The owner builder will be responsible for all tasks relating to the construction of the building. Statutory regulations for owner builders vary in each state and it is recommended that you check with your relevant state authority before deciding to become an owner builder.

Reasons to Owner Build
The decision to owner build or renovate is being taken by more and more people as they understand the benefits.

Financial savings
Owner builders take on the project to save money. The amount of money saved will depend on the level of expertise shown by you as the owner builder and your ability to commit time to the project from a practical level.

Apart from the monetary savings, owner builders are able to deliver better value into the project. Value may mean a larger home or renovation for the same outlay if someone else was to manage the project. It may include the ability to purchase better fixtures and fittings, or to be able to upgrade furniture, electrical equipment or landscaping features.

As the owner builder, you are in control of the project. If you want changes made during the construction process you can – and without the hefty fees that can occur when diverting from the original plans.

Wealth creation
Every dollar saved by not paying a builder means more money in your pocket. Many owner builders have created real wealth as the value of their property escalates compared to the actual construction costs. As land prices increase, the relationship between the dwelling and the cost of the land changes. Prospective buyers will reach further into their pockets and pay more for a carefully constructed dwelling which reflects the value of the property.

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Owner building can be a rewarding experience but one part that can be an issue is insurance. Without Insurance you might lose your home & still have a mortgage.



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