Owner Builders Vic TAKE NOTICE

When building these are the main complaints and defects found by the Victorian Building Authority during its review of Victoria’s Building Regulations.

The main complaint is building work in adjoining properties. This is your neighbour, complaining about your project, where your project or where your home renovation is situated on the block and damage to their property.

Defective building work research found that 12.5% of new residential properties reported defective work of some kind, average cost of around $5,000.

The study also found most buildings with defects had more than one with the most significant defects being water & footings defects.

Interestingly, windows and doors (16%) plastering (9%) and Brickwork/Masonry (8%) were also highlighted.

If you are an owner Builder and about to commence your project, please be aware of the above issues, if you sell and provide warranty to the purchaser as then these defects are the ones you need to be aware of when supervising the trades.

Plus, keep your neighbours aware of your plans so that it is not a surprise that you are building and that you’re committed to protecting their home.

Keep the lines of communication open, not only with neighbours but also your subbies and suppliers that no shortcuts are taken that would affect your neighbours property.

P.S If you are a W.A owner Builder or NSW Owner Builder, the defects and complaints noted in the above article you also need to be aware of, as if you sell and require Warranty insurance, then these are the main areas that you need to monitor.

The same if you are a QLD Owner Builder or a S.A Owner Builder and live in your home you want nothing to go wrong or affect the amenity of your home. Be Aware!!