Homeowners, tradies ‘ignoring’ dangerous Infinity cable

Article by Insurance News
About 2300km of potentially deadly Infinity electrical cable remains in thousands of homes, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) warns.
The product, imported from China, was recalled in 2014 after tests showed its poor-quality plastic insulation breaks down over time, leading to electric shocks or fires.
Retailers and suppliers report electricians and builders are ignoring requests to notify them of where the cable was installed so it can be remediated.
There is also evidence homeowners are failing to have cables inspected and remediated under the recall arrangements.
The ACCC says electricians, builders and other tradespeople who installed Infinity cables, and some Olsent cables, could face rectification orders and penalties if they do not act now.
“Homeowners who installed electrical cable from 2010 in NSW or 2011 in other states should notify the retailer they bought it from, or the electrician they used to install the cable, and arrange for a licensed electrician to carry out an inspection,” ACCC Deputy Chairman Delia Rickard said.
“If Infinity cables are discovered, the cost of the inspection will be covered by the cable supplier, along with the full cost of remediation.”