Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers … the natural and economical  choice


Concrete has been used in building since the dawn of civilisation – over 5,000 years, from the time of the Egyptian Pyramids to present day decorative concrete developments. Concrete has been used for many amazing things throughout history, including architecture, infrastructure and more.

Cement and concrete are vital components in building construction today. Concrete has many environmental advantages, including durability, longevity, heat storage capability, and (in general) chemical inertness.

Pre-cast concrete pavers are made from sand, gravel, pebbles and grey cement. The natural raw materials used are inexpensive and so the cost of the pavers is low compared with that of other paving materials. The visual effect is elegant, similar to stone paving, and yet concrete pavers cost little more than poured concrete.

Concrete pavers are an ideal choice for residential applications including outdoor entertaining areas, pool surrounds and driveways. They have a slip-resistant surface and even when the pavers are wet they are safe to walk or drive a vehicle over them.


Because they are manufactured, concrete pavers are available in many colours, to suit your building and landscape. The colour is consistent throughout the paver and so is naturally fade-resistant.

Concrete pavers are primarily produced in natural colours similar to naturally occurring materials such as clay, granite or sandstone. These earthy tones harmonise with any décor blending naturally into the landscape and creating an elegant and functional surface.


Concrete pavers can be created in a variety of sizes, allowing the designer to customise paving to specific requirements. They will add visual appeal far superior to poured concrete and comparable to any stone material at a fraction of the cost.

The various sizes and shapes allow for many different patterns in the laying of the pavers, herringbone, basket weave or cobblestone for example. You might select more than one colour to create a pattern on a large area. Concrete pavers can also be used in conjunction with natural stone or pebbles for subtle effects.

The cost

As they are manufactured by machine, concrete pavers cost much less than other types of paving products such as sandstone and granite. They are a sound investment which adds value to any property.

There is usually no need to lay concrete pavers on a slab, except in the case of driveways. They are quite stable if laid on a bed of crushed rock or sand, with sand in the spaces between, forming a firm but flexible surface.

Following basic installation guidelines, owner builders can install the pavers themselves saving even more.

Strength and durability

Manufactured to exacting factory standards, concrete pavers are much stronger than many other paving materials including asphalt and poured concrete. They are saltwater and chlorine safe, ideal for pool surrounds. Strong and durable, they will last a lifetime.


Concrete pavers are low-maintenance. In most situations they can be kept clean by sweeping and occasional washing down with plain water. In the case of tough stains, such as oil on a driveway, they can be cleaned by pressure washing or with a cleaning solvent on the affected area. They return to as-new condition. Damage to any area of paving can be invisibly repaired by lifting the pavers, readjusting the base, replacing the same pavers and re-grouting.


Correct installation will extend the life of your concrete paving. For the best results and guaranteed work use a qualified tradesperson. But it is not difficult to lay the pavers yourself, providing you have the right advice and information for your particular situation. Most commonly the pavers are laid on a base of sand over a correctly prepared subgrade. The only equipment that may be required is a roller or rammer to compact the subgrade.

A beautiful finish can be easily achieved, adding style and value to your home

With over 25 years experience in producing quality concrete pavers, the team at Premier Pavers has developed a range of colours and sizes to suit most applications. The range includes square edge and bullnose, making them perfect for all applications, including pool edging and steps. They can make to measure, and colours can be created to match your exact requirements. Premier Pavers’ unique manufacturing process creates a superb finish, or you can choose the peerless shot-blasted textured aggregate finish.

Premier Pavers’ staff will assist you in ordering the correct sizes and quantity for your project; and can also advise you on the best method of installation for your particular situation. The team at Premier Pavers takes pride in prompt delivery from ordering so your project can be completed on time.

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