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Ways you can Owner Build to save money and get the home you want

  • Use a Registered Builder to manage the project, you can pay him by the hour, day or a small percentage of the job and you will receive Builders Warranty Insurance for the work they do. You will save, as builders work on 20%-40% margins (especially for renovations)
  • Use a Registered Builder to Lock Up and you finish off
    • They supply you Warranty Insurance for that part of the job
    • You will save their margin on the lock up to completion component

  • Manage the project yourself (Owner Build)
  • Manage the job while calling on e.g a Builder, building Consultant, Building Surveyor for advice
  • Kit Home


If you are going to use a sub-contractors to build part of the house (for example an electrician) you need to be trying to identify good ones at this stage and start lining them up/getting in prices. There is no substitute for a good recommendation from other Owner Builders who have used them. Don't try to hire people direct from the internet or via Yellow Pages! Most people recommend that you get three of four sub-contractors to prepare a formal price, then you choose one which offers the best all round solution for you. Remember it may not be the lowest price that matters; quality, reliability, experience and speed of construction may all be factors to consider alongside the bottom line cost. Your Negotiating skills will be important here - it is often possible to haggle a bit and get a keener price.

Planning Kits

Maximizing the savings on your owner builder project comes down to efficiencies and organisation. Save your time and money with our Planning Kits.



Owner building can be a rewarding experience but one part that can be an issue is insurance. Without Insurance you might lose your home & still have a mortgage.



Develop your knowledge and skills by accessing our range of presentations and courses designed for you, to help you save time and money.


Save Real Money

Is a handy size, easy-to-understand 170 page booklet specifically for the Owner Builder written by expert trades-people and educators. A must for any Owner Builder.


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