Water Leaks – Owner Builders Watch

I bet you did not know that according to Chubb Insurance1 water leaks are more expensive than fire and theft when it comes to claims rectification.

Out of sight – out of mind.

When building or renovating taking notice of pipes and hoses is the last thing you as the Owner Builder are worried about.

However, internal water damage can be more costly to fix and depending on where the leak is, difficult to find and can cause long term damage. Most home insurance policies will not cover the leak because they consider it to be part of the building process.

They may even consider the leak to be a defect or a maintenance issue, that you should have been aware of, flexi hosing is a risk and its potential failure you should have been aware.

Solution, you should consider is a shut off device that can be installed by a plumber.  This will limit the amount of water that if a burst pipe or flexi hose escapes into your home, it could even save you money on your Home and Contents Policy after finishing building.

1Chubb Get Smart about Water Leaks

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